This course has ten assignements. You can attempt them in any order:
  1. Adapting the Hangman Program

    Consider the following hangman program. Adapt it so the user can also choose the length of word to guess. There should an input of an integer n. The program will choose a word of length n from the dictionary. You should also change the graphics to make them your own.

  2. Adapting the Noughts and Crosses Program

    Consider the following noughts an crosses program. Adapt it so it allows one player to play against another person instead of against the computer.

  3. A Contacts List

    You should write a Javacript program which emulates the contacts list on a smart phone like the iphone. You should be allowed to add, delete and change contacts. All contact details should be saved in local storage. Hints:

  4. Contacts List (extra features)
    1. Add a button which displays the address of the current contact in Google Maps.
    2. Add a button which calculates the distance from the user's current location to the address.
    See this program using Google Map API.

  5. Count the number of text Nodes in a web page

    Write a program such that when a button is pressed an alert with the number of text nodes in the current HTML document is displayed(your function should work with any web page).

  6. Turn it green.

    Write a program such that when a button is pressed all Text Nodes in the current HTML document are turned green (your function should work with any web page).

  7. An Alarm Clock

    The alarm clock program should display the current date and time and allow the user to set an alarm. The program should use local storage so that if the users computer is closed down, when it restarted, the previous alarm settings still apply. The user should also be able to cancel the alarm.

  8. A Crossword Helper

    This program should allow a user to enter `partial words' like 'a.c..b' and the system should use regular expressions to find all the possible words that match this pattern. Useful tip: try

    new RegExp('.a.').test('cat');

  9. Conway's Game of Life

    You should allow the user to place beings on the board and then have two buttons, one for allowing generations to proceed and another to temporarily stop generating. Your program should work on any size board (a paramter) and also assome that the board is a torus. ie. the top and bottom are connected and so are the left and right edges.

  10. Suffling and Dealing a Pack of Cards

    The program should random shuffle a pack of 52 standard playing cards and display the 52 cards a 4 `hands' of thirteen cards. Each time the `shuffle' button is pressed another shuffle and deal should take place. (You should find some images of playing cards on the web fo this one.)

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