In-course assessment

Hand in: Reports to me by Friday 21nd January 2011 at 4.15 and also all uploads into the correct directories by that time. Collection times: My office Room 11, 29 St James: 4-4.30. I will also take in assignments at the beginning of the lecture: 12-12.10 in Ben Pimlott Lecture Theatre and at the beginning of the lab in NAB LG01 at 1400-14.10.

Watch video about assignments

Each week (Starting from week 4) there will be an easy and a hard programming task.

You only get marks if your code is working!

Your solution (just the source code) to the easy assignment must be uploaded as explained

Do not upload your code if it is not fully working.

Do not upload code that you do not fully understand

You will be marked on exactly one of these. One for each week. You get 4 marks for the easy assignment and 10 for the hard one.

If your upload arrives up to a week late (before 9am the following Tues) you will only get 3 marks. After that it is too late!

For example, if you do all the easy assignments and three of the hard assignments you will score 3*10+4*4=46.

If you do no hard assignments and 6 easy ones you will score 24.

For each week you can only score 0,3,4 or 10.

You should attempt the easy assignment as an `insurance' during the lab. You will have up until the end of the course to attempt the hard assignments.

At the end of the course you must hand in a report containing a week-by-week account of which assignment you did. Each week you either did an easy assignment, a hard one, or neither. Include all assignments that you attempt!

We expect your report to:

  1. To contain a `self marking' table:
      Easy Hard Mark
    Assignment 1      
    Assignment 2      
    Assignment 3      
    Assignment 4      
    Assignment 5      
    Assignment 6      
    Assignment 7      

    For example:

      Easy Hard Mark
    Assignment 1 4 10 10
    Assignment 2 4 10 10
    Assignment 3 3 10 10
    Assignment 4 4 10 10
    Assignment 5 4 - 4
    Assignment 6 3 - 3
    Assignment 7 4 - 4
    Total     51

  2. be nicely bound using a spiral binding with hard covers.
  3. to have a title page.
  4. to have a table of contents.
  5. to have each assignment in a different section.

For each assignment just include your source code. No sample output are required.

Oral Assessment

At the end of the course, during exam fortnight you will be given a viva (oral examination) where we ask you questions about your work. This is mainly to ensure that it is your own work and not plagiarised. If you cannot satisfactorily explain a piece of work you will score zero for it.
Sebastian Danicic BSc MSc PhD (Reader in Computer Science)
Dept of Computing, Goldsmiths, University of London, London SE14 6NW
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