My Photos

Light coming through the trees. A woman in the dark. Bicycle gears. Water under a bridge. Tree branches. A man covering his face. A boy watching a train go by. A book and some old clothing.

About the Gallery

Photography is inevitably about the past. In a world of SD cards, HDR photography, and unprecedented detail, most people take tons of high resolution photographs to compensate for the limitations of the human memory. However, all the megapixels in the world don't stand a chance when pitted against our imaginations. These photographs are intended to capture the past as seen through the mind's eye. To facilitate this goal, the photos were all taken using a traditional 35mm camera. The negatives were developed through imperfect chemical processes, and then printed by hand in a dark room. The organic nature of the medium gives the photos a more visceral quality, which is often lacking in the pixel perfect impressions generated by CCDs.