First Schema Meeting(21 November 2006)

Date: 10am 21 November 2006.

Venue: Seminar Room, Ground Floor, Ben Pimlott Building (New Tower with Squiggle)
Michael Laurence
Sebastian Danicic
Chris Fox
Rob Hierons
John Howroyd
Mark Harman
Richard Barraclough
Lahcen Ouarbya
James Ohene-Djan(Goldsmiths)
Michael Casey(Goldsmiths)
Mark D'Inverno (Goldsmiths)

10-10.30: Coffee etc.
10.30-11.15: Sebastian Danicic: Intro to Schemas Project
11.15-12.00: Mike Laurence: A History of Schemas: Results and Open Problems
12.00-1.30: Lunch (probably in College)
1.30-4: Future Work - Discussion
4-6: Drinking in the Hobgoblin Pub
6- Eating in The Thailand, 15 Lewisham Way

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